Sectional Title and Pets – or Rules for Animals, Reptiles and Birds


Having recently done a word search of the Sectional Titles Act and Management and Conduct Rules we were somewhat surprised to see no mention of the word “pets”.  The only reference to non-humans is to “Animals, Reptiles and Birds” – see below for the exact wording.  This is always handy to know if you are a Trustee or person applying to have permission for your “pet” to live in your Section.

It’s interesting to note that this is the only place in the Act or Rules where Animals, Reptiles or Birds are mentioned.  There is no mention of the word “fish” – so presumably your goldfish does not require permission – unless it is classified as an Animal!  So if your building does not have separately registered Rules, the wording below is the only wording that applies.

Prescribed (model) Conduct Rules

(Contained in Annexure 9 to the Regulations made under the Sectional Titles Act)

1. Animals, Reptiles and Birds

(1) An owner or occupier of a section shall not, without the consent in writing of the trustées, which approval may not unreasonably be withheld, keep any animal, reptile or bird in a section or on the common property.

(2) When granting such approval, the trustées may prescribe any reasonable condition.

(3) The trustees may withdraw such approval in the event of any breach of any condition prescribed in terms of sub-rule (2).

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